Wednesday, February 17, 2016

 you are a good friend not just a good friend a great friend! someone who will always be there for me.  I am not saying this to anyone specific just whoever is reading this right now cause apparently you're good enough friend to to read my blog posts and whoever reads my blog posts is my best friend.  you are my best friend.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Hi world. I will Start putting up a weekly challenge for you and me see if you can do it. Here is the first one...
 Love the things you hate about yourself.



Thursday, February 11, 2016

Stop treating me like I am a 4 year old. Stop treating me like I am a stranger. Stop treating me like I am a mean Person.

I ask you why don't you treat me like you treat every one else? Is it the way I look? The way I talk? The way I read? Tell me what it is? You act like I have never ever ever have had a bad day. You act like I have a perfect life. Is it because I am always trying to be happy even when I have bad days?

I will be doing what every one else is doing and you will act like I just killed some one. I am just waiting for the day that you will treat me like you treat every one else. I ask you when will that be? I know you are thinking in your mind that you never have treated me badly. Maybe you haven't, but even if you did not, there is always more ways you can be better to people not just me but every one.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

We are United in orange. We bleed blue and orange.  today we will stand up stronger than ever. GET READY WORLD HERE WE COME.
                                                               YOU CAN DO IT BRONCOS !!!!!!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Is it just me or is every math problem like  fighting a civil war, every word in a book stabbing me in the back, every letter I write pushes me in to a dark hole. Why is it so hard? I am not dumb nor stupid. If you think that I am dumb or stupid I do not exactly like you any more, ha ha ha just kidding. I do not really care or blame you if want to hurt me you can't. I have so much more in my life to worry about instead of your judgement. But why is it so much harder to do things for me. It's not to fair on my opinion. But no its not the people who can do a math problem like thay are eating a tub of ice cream. No it's not their fault at all, Nor am i mad at them. Just keep in mind, world, that next time you see me struggling do not think I am dumb or pathetic or lazy or any thing like that. Not like I care but do keep on mind the way I learn and do things dose not effect me or my attitude nor my look.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

You think you know me don't you? You don't. I have a side you do not get, you do not see. It's me its the real me. You do not see it because its the side you do not want to see. You ignore it. It has always been there always open to the world I tell you to stop ignoring me. Stop only seeing what you want to see. Please stop if you notice me you will see me the real me. Try I dare you. Step into reality I swear if you try you will find me in the shadows you might not like me but you sure will be surprised. And its not just me its US all of us. Yes there are more of us in the shadows. Many of us. You too have a side that people just ignore and its because they do not like reality. Nobody does. We all have the side that's the real us. Try to see it in us we are waiting in the shadows for you come join realty.    

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What is life? I think every one wonders that at some point. But, what is death? What we wonder most is it just leaving the earth or changing in to a new human being? Or getting punished for all your sins in life? Or is death just a place? A thing? A human being?. Could there have been one tiny little thing we could have done or not done to prevent death of your self or some one else? Or were we just born to die? We all have our beliefs. Buy why why why are we here in this world if we are just going to worry and feel has there is no point to live and death is coming soon human beings are very dumb I hate to admit it but when we worry we are just wasting life. Half of our life is just worrying why not spend life having fun and being awesome. But we are just to fed-up with every thing else it just makes me so MAD !!! that we can just realize that the bad would not be so bad with happiness and the sad would not be so sad with joy. Just do not waste your life on the bad things stop being selfish and do not be pathetic I know you are thinking that you are nether of these things but every one is. They just are. Think about it EVERY ONE IS deep inside. The point is do not waste your life worrying its not worth your life.            

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

keep on going

 Life is hard. And it always will be. Sometimes you feel like you should just give up on life. You keep getting knocked down and knock down and knocked down and you feel like you've hit your limit. You feel as if you're in a dark room and no one understands you. Why  should you go on? 

Life sucks at some points. It really does. It's hard and it's complicated. But, what we don't realize is that every time you get knocked down you stand up even stronger. I know that you've probably heard that like 1 million times and you feel it is not true because it kind of isn't.  If you fall down and you get back up you stand up stronger, but only if you try. If you try to stand up and try to feel stronger it will happen. But, life is complicated. 

 Don't give up, I know you want to and I know you feel like there's no reason to keep on suffering through life. You feel like your face is just a daily reminder of everything horrible in life.  Just keep on getting up to try over and over again. You are not the only one.  I wish you good luck in life.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

So lately my life has been very very very stressful I have separated parents and some times I do not feel comfortable at my moms so my dad and my step mom are going to court to try to make it so I can not spend any more nights at my moms. I do not want that. The reason I do not feel comfortable over there is because she drinks a little too much some times so my parents emailed her to tell her stop and she did i was so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so GLAD!!!!! But they still went to court and my mom won. I was glad. Then I went over to her house that night and I was going to spend the night but then I wanted to go back to dads so my mom was very supportive. I do not want to spend the nights at her house anymore. I hate that I feel bad about feeling that way. So now I am stuck and I do not know what to do. Any advice would be great.  
Welcome to my life here are the rules. 1. No jugging 2. That is all i really got. So please enjoy the ride and have a nice day.