Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What is life? I think every one wonders that at some point. But, what is death? What we wonder most is it just leaving the earth or changing in to a new human being? Or getting punished for all your sins in life? Or is death just a place? A thing? A human being?. Could there have been one tiny little thing we could have done or not done to prevent death of your self or some one else? Or were we just born to die? We all have our beliefs. Buy why why why are we here in this world if we are just going to worry and feel has there is no point to live and death is coming soon human beings are very dumb I hate to admit it but when we worry we are just wasting life. Half of our life is just worrying why not spend life having fun and being awesome. But we are just to fed-up with every thing else it just makes me so MAD !!! that we can just realize that the bad would not be so bad with happiness and the sad would not be so sad with joy. Just do not waste your life on the bad things stop being selfish and do not be pathetic I know you are thinking that you are nether of these things but every one is. They just are. Think about it EVERY ONE IS deep inside. The point is do not waste your life worrying its not worth your life.            

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  1. Again, like I mentioned in my last comment, I love how HONEST you are. This writing is REAL and from the heart. Well done.