Thursday, February 4, 2016

You think you know me don't you? You don't. I have a side you do not get, you do not see. It's me its the real me. You do not see it because its the side you do not want to see. You ignore it. It has always been there always open to the world I tell you to stop ignoring me. Stop only seeing what you want to see. Please stop if you notice me you will see me the real me. Try I dare you. Step into reality I swear if you try you will find me in the shadows you might not like me but you sure will be surprised. And its not just me its US all of us. Yes there are more of us in the shadows. Many of us. You too have a side that people just ignore and its because they do not like reality. Nobody does. We all have the side that's the real us. Try to see it in us we are waiting in the shadows for you come join realty.    

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